Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   Is this a joke?

A:    Yes. But campus carry laws are not.


Q:   Is Student Body Armor heavy?

A:    Yes. It is a type of armor, after all. But you can also just think of it as the new freshman fifteen.


Q:   Can Student Body Armor stop a bullet? 

A:    In theory, yes. But as we just mentioned, this entire store and product line only exists to make a point, that having guns everywhere won’t make us safe anywhere. So forget about buying something that’s not actually for sale and do something that will actually keep you safe, like calling your representative and telling them to fight campus carry legislation. It’s way smarter than asking someone to shoot yourself wearing body armor just to test it out. And should you do so, not only will we not be liable for any injuries you might sustain, but that would also be just about the stupidest thing we’ve ever heard, with the exception of campus carry laws, of course.


Q:   But campus carry laws are awesome!

A:   That wasn’t a question. And are they? Studies (and common sense) show that you are drastically more likely to be shot when you are near a gun.  And, there is no evidence that campus carry laws improve campus safety in any statistically significant way.  In fact, violent crimes may actually increase.


Q:   But if good guys have guns, they can stop bad guys with guns!

A:   Also not a question. And horribly flawed thinking. Truth is, good guys (and girls) without guns actually stop active shooters (AKA bad guys) more often than armed non-law enforcement individuals.


Q:   Is Student Body Armor trying to take away our guns?

A:   Hey, a question! Student Body Armor isn’t against gun ownership at all. It's a constitutional right. But we do believe in commonsense gun regulations and in being sensible about where guns belong, and where they don’t.


Q:   Hmm... okay. I’m on board. What can I do to help?

A:   Spread the word. Share this site. Or, even better, call your representative and tell them that schools are no place for body armor, or guns. As it turns out, a phone call is usually more effective than an email or an online petition.


Q:   Call my representative? How?

A:   Visit and enter your ZIP Code. You’ll see a list of your representatives and their phone numbers.


Q:   What should I say if I call?

A:   Something simple, polite, but powerful. Like this, but in your own words: “Hello, my name is [First Name, Last Name], and as one of your constituents I would like to voice my concern over campus carry laws, because I’m drastically more likely to be involved in a shooting when a gun is nearby. Therefore I would like you to repeal and reject campus carry legislation in our state.”


Q:   Anything else?

A:   If you are still in high school deciding which college to attend and you are now concerned about going to a school that allows guns, contact the Dean of Admissions and let them know why you didn’t choose their school.